Mystic Nail Design LLC

Immerse Yourself in the Mystical cloud of Luxury

HI! My name is Bernadette and this is my husband, best friend and better half Alan. I have been a Manicurist for over 27 yrs now. I received  my initial license in California in 1988. After moving here to Virginia 3 years ago I received my license here so I can continue to do what I love most. I strive to give the best of me with every client I have. My hope is, that when you come to see me you feel comfortable and part of the family. Not just swept in and out with out and not even knowing your name. I try hard to make sure I am up to date with most trends and if I don't I'll learn it so I can make every one of my clients happy. 

I strive to ensure my clients are completely satisfied and happy with my services.